Understated and Chic, The Asscher Cut Diamond

Understated and Chic, The Asscher Cut Diamond

Reminiscent of old-world glamour, yet with a contemporary edge, we simply love the Asscher cut here at McGuire Diamonds and our customers love it too. It is hard to believe less than a decade ago the Asscher cut was virtually unheard of, its rise in popularity may well have something to do with it gracing the hands of celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Gweneth Paltrow and most recently Pippa Middleton. Lets not forget of course the most famous Asscher-cut diamond of them all, The Krupp diamond. It was presented to Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor in 1968 by Richard Burton and cost US $305,000.

The Asscher cut is named after its creator Joseph Asscher who developed it at the start the Art Deco movement in the early 20th century. As the cut was never patented, over time "Asscher" became a universal term to describe a stepped square cut with 58 facets. In 2001, Joseph’s great grandsons, Edward and Joop Asscher, developed a successor to the original cut called the Royal Asscher cut. They added another 16 facets, taking the total to 74, each facet is carefully measured to ensure every diamond is perfectly symmetrical.

Square in shape and with four cropped corners, the long step-cut facets of the Asscher cut create a stunning "Hall of Mirrors" optical illusion when the diamond is viewed from above. It is important to bear in mind that step-cut diamonds, such as the Emerald and Asscher cut have open tables that draw the eye into the centre of the stone and highlight any inclusions. Therefore at McGuire Diamonds we recommend to our customers to choose the highest quality diamond they can afford, with a minimum clarity of VS2, a colour no lower than G, and a good to excellent cut. Because the stone itself has such a specific aesthetic, we like to advise a classic or vintage-style setting. Asschers are also stunning in a three-stone setting, with the intricate cut of the diamond itself stealing the show, and complementary pairings like trillian or pear-shaped diamonds embellishing the stone at its sides.

Understated and chic, Asscher-cut engagement rings are the perfect choice for ladies who exude a sophisticated and confident style.