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June 26, 2019 4 min read


So you've found the perfect other half, now all you need is the perfect wedding ring and you're ready to say "I do". There are so many styles of wedding rings to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. We have put together a few points to consider when shopping for wedding rings


Choose the same precious metal as your engagement ring so that both rings have the same properties, they will wear equally and be maintained in the same way over time. Try on different profiles to see what looks best. For the the perfect match choose the same profile and width as your engagement ring. 

diamond set wedding ring in 18ct yellow gold

18ct yellow gold

platinum diamond set wedding ring with square diamonds

Platinum / 18ct white gold.

Straight or Curved

The setting of your engagement ring will determine whether you select a straight or curved wedding ring. Straight rings are usually preferred but this is only possible where the engagement ring allows for it. If the setting protrudes slightly, or if the band tapers, the straight wedding ring may leave small gaps. Some ladies don't mind a slight gap between the engagement ring and the wedding ring, it is a matter of personal preference. 

buying engagement ring tips

If your engagement ring has a low setting or is a less symmetrical or a vintage style engagement ring, the wedding ring will need to be contoured for that perfect match. A contoured or curved wedding band, will cradle the engagement ring. There are many styles available with varying degrees of curve, some are gentle and barely noticeable, others are very obvious. This can be a stunning overall look, but if worn alone the wedding ring can look a little odd, especially if the curve is very definite.

Here at McGuire Diamonds most of our engagement rings are "Wed Fit" or wedding ring friendly, so regardless of the setting a straight wedding band will sit perfectly beside it without any gaps. 

A custom made fitted diamond wedding ring made by McGuire Diamonds


Diamond or Plain

The traditional plain wedding ring is still as popular as ever in Ireland. Practical and timeless it is the ideal choice to compliment a solitaire engagement ring. Choose the same width as your engagement ring to look just right.

If you decide on a diamond wedding ring, keep in mind the size, shape and setting of the diamonds relative to those in the engagement ring. The wedding ring should never over power the engagement ring. If there are diamonds in the band of the engagement ring it will look best if the diamonds align, they should also be the same size to look uniform.

gold wedding ring collection

yellow gold ladies wedding ring

diamond set wedding ring

Castello set diamond wedding ring

dainty diamond set wedding ring

petite diamond set wedding ring


It is best to keep the style and aesthetic similar, so if you have a vintage-inspired engagement ring compliment it with a vintage style wedding ring. Keep the same in mind with contemporary styles. Classic solitaire engagement rings have more versatility and can be paired with many different styles of wedding ring. 


Wearing your Wedding Band Separately

You may want to select a wedding ring that provides you with flexibility in wearing it separately. Make sure you select a wedding ring you love on it's own as well as with your engagement ring.

Stacking Rings

This is where you wear a multiple of rings on one finger, a trend that is becoming increasingly popular. Many of our brides to be choose not one, but two wedding rings. This is a fabulous look, especially when paired with a halo style engagement ring, one ring worn either side of the engagement ring can bring  balance and symmetry the overall look.

Stacking diamond rings

Eternity Rings

You may like to complete your wedding and engagement ensemble by adding an eternity ring, either the perfect match of your wedding band or something completely different. There are so many options available, take a look at some of the different styles here.

White gold emerald cut eternity ring

Emerald cut Eternity Ring

Diamond set eternity ring custom made to order.

Custom diamond Eternity ring

Collection diamond set eternity ring

Castell set Eternity ring

For Him

We always recommend yellow gold wedding rings to our lovely gentlemen. Yellow Gold is making a real come back in Ireland recently. Not only does it look great, we love that it is maintenance free, a quick polish every so often and it is as good as new. Titanium and tungsten are also growing in popularity but be careful, these can be problematic if the hand is injured and the ring needs to be removed or if the ring needs to be sized over the years.

*Top Tip: Have the wedding date is engraved on the inside of the ring so that he can never forget your anniversary!

Are you having trouble choosing the right wedding ring to best suit your engagement ring? McGuire Diamonds will design and make your wedding band to perfectly match your engagement ring. Your wedding ring will have the same details and embellishments as that of your engagement ring. Simply pop in and have a chat.

alternative gents wedding ring

White gold satin finish ring

Flat gents wedding ring in white gold

Flat outside comfort fit inside ring

D shape gents wedding ring

Traditional d-shape wedding ring

A customer commission of this wedding and engagement ring set, created using the clients own 1.5ct diamond.

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