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September 05, 2019 3 min read

engagement ring by mcguire diamonds wexford jewellers

How to care for your engagement ring.   

Our top tips to help you take care of your engagement ring. Advice on the best ways to keep it looking sparkly and new and all the things to avoid to prevent causing damage to your precious gems.

Step 1: Regular Cleaning

To keep your engagement ring in tip-top condition we recommend regular cleaning. This is simple for you to do at home using a soft bristle toothbrush and some washing up liquid (we recommend Fairy of course as not only will it get your precious diamond nice and sparkly but it will keep your hands nice and soft while doing so!). This is probably not the method you expected to clean your valuable diamonds (and has often raised an eyebrow or two when suggested in store) but trust us when we say it's extremely effective. Make sure to get right in at the back of the stone for a deep clean as this will allow the light to penetrate through the stone and reflect back out. There are various cleaning potions on the market which claim to breath life into your precious jewels, through experience however we know that unlike some of those products this method is safe and effective.

clean with a toothbrush

Simply use warm water and a toothbrush to clean your diamonds.



Step 2: free polish

For a deeper polish and to buff out those little imperfections in the band visit your jeweller, here at McGuire Diamonds we offer a complimentary service to our customers. Do this annually so that we can check for wear and tear on your engagement ring, this regular check up may help prevent you from losing a diamond.

Step 3: Rhodium Plating

Yellow gold needs little maintenance in comparison to white gold or platinum. These metals can dull over time and need to be polished or rhodium plated regularly. When this plating wears off white gold will turn a slight yellow colour, platinum will appear more grey. Depending on wear, some customers require this service bi-annually, others more or less frequently. We charge approx €35-€45, depending on the style of ring.

Step 4: Common Sense 

Always remove your ring when cleaning (or get your other half to roll up his  or her sleeves). Not only can giving the cooker a good old scrub damage and scratch your engagement ring but the chemicals used in cleaning products can also discolour it.

Step 5: Jewellery in the GYM 

Never, ever wear your engagement ring whilst at the gym. Using gym equipment or lifting weights can scratch your ring and put pressure on the ring shank causing it to becoming bent and misshapen. Over time this can weaken the setting and can lead to the stones falling out. The same can happen when playing golf or tennis. But remember, always leave your ring in a safe place and not in the pocket of your golf bag. We always recommend to our customers to store it in its original box when its not being worn to prevent it from scratching against other jewellery.

Step 6: Moisturise yourself, not your jewellery

Be careful when applying moisturiser or using hand cream, the ingredients in these products can cause your bright and sparkly ring to become dull and lifeless looking. Makeup and body spray or perfumes can also discolour your ring.

Step 7: Swimming

Swimming, whether at the pool or in the sea is also a no-no! Chlorine from the pool can discolour your beautiful ring and may even strip the rhodium plating from a white gold band, whilst sea salt can damage the setting and cause it to weaken. Remember also what happens to fingers when submerged in water-they shrink, imagine the horror of loosing your ring forever in the deep blue sea.

Jil Maurer jewellery designer.

presents how to care for your jewellery video. 

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Eric McGuire
Award winning jewellery designer