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August 27, 2020 3 min read

Ethical diamonds Ireland

Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Diamonds will forever be a girl's best friend, but the way we create our exquisite jewellery is evolving.

At McGuire's Diamonds, we are at the cutting edge and now offer a full range of laboratory-created diamonds. 

Our clients seek exquisite design and ethically sourced precious stones. 

Laboratory-created diamonds strike a perfect balance between the delivery of truly beautiful jewellery and sustainability credentials. 

Here is our very own 'Who, What, Where, When, Why?' guide to all you need to know about laboratory-created diamonds.

lab grown diamonds

Who is wearing laboratory grown diamonds?

Princess Meghan Markle sparkled on a London red carpet in January 2019, sporting a dazzling pair of laboratory-created diamonds.

But she's not the only fashion royalty to embrace ethical jewellery. 

The Crown actress Olivia Colman stole the spotlight at this year's BAFTAs with show-stopping floral earrings and a ring featuring a purple-pink, laboratory-created diamond. 

Meanwhile, fashion icon Lady Gaga lit up the premiere of her blockbuster movie A Star is Born, wearing a pair of cluster earrings that featured nine laboratory-created diamonds.  

Star of the silver screen Penelope Cruz is also a big fan. 

She made a splash at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2018 when she debuted red-carpet ready jewels that she designed herself. 

Leonardo DiCaprio's famous flick Blood Diamonds, a fictional thriller about the dangers of the diamond mining industry, catapulted the issue of ethically sourced precious stones into the limelight in 2006. 

Since then the Hollywood legend has become an advocate for laboratory-created diamonds and one of the biggest investors in the synthetic jewellery industry.

Lab Created Diamonds

what are laboratory grown diamonds?

Jewellers no longer need to go underground to harvest precious diamonds.

A revolutionary new technology has empowered leaders in the craft to create precious jewels scientifically. 

Laboratory-created diamonds are becoming increasingly popular for their stunning sparkle and exceptional quality. 

They are man-made, consisting of actual carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure.  

Using advanced technological processes that replicate the conditions in which diamonds develop in nature, the result produces the identical optical and chemical properties as natural diamonds.  

Historically, naturally occurring diamonds have been mined from beneath the earth's surface, but now we can deliver this same brilliance and sparkle without mining. 

The process of exposing carbon to a simulation of the exact geological conditions it needed millions of years ago to create diamonds can be simulated in a high-tech laboratory environment. 

The result is neither synthetic, nor inferior, but it does represent a unique way for the client to purchase diamonds at a lower cost. 

Lab-grown diamonds come in all the shapes, sizes and colours.

Lab Grown Diamonds Dublin

where can you find the perfect lab-grown diamond for you?

At McGuire Diamonds we offer the finest range of bespoke laboratory-created diamonds.

Each piece of jewellery in our collection can be modified to the most intricate detail, meaning that our clients leave with the confidence that their diamond is tailored especially to their unique taste and design. 

At our store on Esmonde Street, Gorey, County Wexford, your journey to discovering the perfect diamond for you begins with selecting a signature style. 

From there, we tailor a design around your choice of diamond or gemstone, to reveal their unique beauty.  

Then you can choose from an array of metal alloys—coloured golds to platinum—and from an infinite number of delicate details, to create a unique piece of jewellery personalised to your taste.

when can you come and view our fantastic selection of lab-grown diamonds?

McGuire Diamonds is open Monday 10am - 3-pm and Thursday - Saturday 10am - 5pm.

We welcome appointment bookings, which afford you the opportunity to fully explore the entire range of bespoke lab-created diamonds that we offer. 

To make a booking please see the 'Appointment' section on our homepage. 

Alternatively, please call 053 9430866 or email care@mcguirediamonds.ie 

Lab Grown Diamond jewellers appointment

why choose a laboratory grown diamond?

As well as significant savings that allow you to reduce your budget or supersize your diamond, part of the allure of laboratory-created diamonds is a supply chain that promises no human rights violations and less environmental damage.

Laboratory-created diamonds are deemed a responsible choice given that no mining is required. 

They usually cost about 30% less than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality.  

Since laboratory-created diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds, they offer the same brilliance and beauty as mined diamonds.  

Laboratory-created diamonds are produced in high-temperature, high-pressure chambers that replicate the conditions in the earth’s crust.  

The result is carbon atoms arranged in the structure of a diamond crystal and diamonds that are every bit as magical as the ones created naturally millions of years ago and mined today. 

Ethical diamonds Ireland-McGuire Diamonds