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Average Engagement Ring Cost Ireland

December 19, 2023 3 min read

AVERAGE engagement ring COST ireland

The Average Price for an Engagement Ring in Ireland: A County-by-County Analysis

In the quest for the perfect engagement ring, preferences and budgets vary greatly across Ireland. A recent survey conducted by McGuire Diamonds reveals fascinating trends in average spending, popular diamond shapes, and preferred metals in each county. This comprehensive analysis offers a unique glimpse into the engagement ring choices of Irish couples in 2023-2024.

Average Engagement Ring Prices by County: 

Engagement ring Cork

  • Cork: €3,610 - Cork couples favour the classic Round Brilliant cut set in traditional 18ct Yellow Gold
Classic round engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Wicklow

  • Wicklow: €3,550 - The elegant Oval cut in Platinum is the choice du jour in Wicklow.
Oval diamond engagement ring diamond band.

Engagement Ring Mayo

  • Mayo: €3,530 - Emerald cut in White Gold captures the hearts of Mayo’s romantics.
3 stone emerald and pear cut engagement ring

Engagement Ring Dublin

  • Dublin: €4,450 - Dubliners prefer the timeless appeal of Round Brilliant cut in 18ct Yellow Gold.
Slim band round engagement ring

Engagement Ring Wexford

  • Wexford: €3,260 - Wexford leans towards the modern Oval cut set in Platinum.
Oval 3 stone diamond engagement ring

Engagement Ring Waterford

  • Waterford: €3,450 - A preference for Round Brilliant cut in White Gold shines in Waterford.
Diamond engagement ring white gold twist band.

Engagement Ring Kildare

  • Kildare: €3,050 - Kildare’s choice is the lustrous Emerald cut in 18ct Yellow Gold.
Emerld cut diamond engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Kilkenny

  • Kilkenny: €3,030 - The Oval cut in Platinum is the top pick in Kilkenny.
Oval engagement ring hidden halo.

Engagement Ring Meath

  • Meath: €2,990 - Meath shows a penchant for Round Brilliant cut in White Gold.
round halo style engagement ring

Engagement Ring Galway

  • Galway: €2,910 - Galway adores the Emerald cut set in 18ct Yellow Gold.
Emerald cut diamond engagement ring with diamond band.

Engagement Ring Donegal

  • Donegal: €2,650 - In Donegal, couples prefer the Oval cut, elegantly paired with 18ct Yellow Gold.
Oval diamond engagement ring

Engagement Ring Limerick

  • Limerick: €2,800 - Limerick's preference leans towards the classic Round Brilliant cut in Platinum.
6 claw diamond engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Offaly

  • Offaly: €2,750 - In Offaly, the Oval cut in 18ct Yellow Gold is particularly popular.
Oval diamond engagement ring gold

Engagement Rings Carlow

  • Carlow: €2,670 - Carlow’s choice is the sophisticated Round cut in Platinum.
Modern 3 stone diamond engagement ring

Engagement Rings Clare

  • Clare: €2,880 - Clare couples are drawn to the Oval cut, beautifully set in 18ct Yellow Gold.
Oval diamond engagement ring with small pear cut shoulder stones.

Trends in Diamond Shapes and Metals:

The survey indicates a strong leaning towards the Round Brilliant cut across several counties, affirming its status as the most popular diamond shape in Ireland. The Oval and Emerald cuts are also gaining popularity, reflecting a blend of tradition and contemporary tastes. When it comes to metal choices, 18ct Yellow Gold leads, with 71% opting for its timeless charm. Platinum, preferred by 22%, and 18ct White Gold, follow closely, indicating diverse aesthetic preferences across the country.

Buying Trends: Online Purchases vs Appointments:

Interestingly, while 77% of customers still prefer making an appointment to select their engagement ring, a significant 23% are comfortable making this important purchase directly online through This shift underscores the growing confidence in online shopping, even for such significant life events as engagements.

Our survey paints a vivid picture of the engagement ring landscape in Ireland. From the bustling streets of Dublin to the scenic backdrop of Galway, the preferences in ring styles, cuts, and metals are as diverse as the counties themselves. At McGuire Diamonds, we celebrate this diversity and are committed to providing a range of choices to suit every style and budget, whether you prefer the convenience of shopping online or the personal touch of an in-store appointment.