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Engagement Rings Cork 2024

December 19, 2023 10 min read

Engagement Rings Cork  2024

Engagement Rings for Every Kind of Bride-to-Be at McGuire Diamonds

At McGuire Diamonds, we deeply appreciate that selecting the perfect engagement ring is much more than a simple choice; it's a journey steeped in personal significance and a reflection of individual style. We've observed that even couples who usually steer away from tradition are often drawn to the enchanting quest of discovering their dream ring. In a world where certain customs have evolved or faded, the engagement ring endures as a cherished symbol, representing timeless love and unwavering commitment. Whether it's the classic elegance of a solitaire, the intricate design of a vintage style, or the bold statement of a contemporary setting, every ring in our collection at McGuire Diamonds is a testament to love's enduring beauty. In today’s ever-changing world, these rings offer a constant reminder of the enduring bonds they symbolise, blending the legacy of the past with the promise of the future. It's this blend of tradition and personal expression that makes the journey towards choosing the right ring so unique for each couple. At McGuire Diamonds, we are dedicated to guiding you through this journey, ensuring that the ring you choose not only captivates the eye but also resonates with your personal love story.

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

When considering the investment of an engagement ring, it's time to move beyond the outdated notion of spending three months' salary – a guideline that originated during The Great Depression as a strategy to stimulate diamond sales. At McGuire Diamonds, we believe that your budget for such a meaningful purchase should align with your individual financial circumstances and the personal significance you ascribe to this symbol of your relationship. Rather than adhering to arbitrary spending rules, we encourage you to choose a ring that reflects both your emotional investment and financial comfort, ensuring that this token of love is as thoughtful as it is sustainable for your lifestyle.

The best engagement ring is one that perfectly embodies your relationship's unique story. Whether it’s a classic diamond, a ring with a modern flair, a piece inspired by vintage elegance, a bespoke creation, or something as individual as you, McGuire Diamonds ensures your choice will be as enduring and beautiful as the love it celebrates.

Best Engagement Ring Styles Cork 2024

In 2024, the world of engagement rings is increasingly focused on individuality and personal expression. McGuire Diamonds is at the forefront of this evolution, embracing the growing trend of bespoke design and unique customisation in our rings. This year is set to showcase an array of classic larger solitaire diamonds, intricately tailored designs, and the enchanting touch of hidden messages engraved in wedding bands. Join us in exploring the most alluring engagement ring trends of 2024 at McGuire Diamonds.

Classic Rings

Certain styles of engagement rings at McGuire Diamonds have consistently demonstrated their timeless appeal. These pieces stand as paragons of classic design, boasting pristine, uncluttered lines and solitaire settings that bring out the resplendent brilliance of the cut diamonds. Crafted to ensure the diamond remains the unrivalled centrepiece, these rings represent a tribute to enduring sophistication, an aesthetic that remains perpetually in vogue.

Emerald cut diamond engagement ring castle diamond set band.

Modern Trilogy

At McGuire Diamonds, the trilogy ring, which emerged as a prominent trend in 2023, is expected to continue captivating hearts into 2024. This style, with its elegant arrangement of three stones along the band, has always been a popular selection for engagements. Celebrated for embodying the journey of a relationship – past, present, and future – trilogy rings beautifully merge sentimental value with classic tradition. They have consistently been a preferred choice for those embarking on a life together, symbolising the depth and breadth of their shared path. For individuals drawn to designs that intertwine profound symbolism with a nod to enduring elegance, trilogy rings are an impeccable choice.

Lab grown diamond three stone engagement ring.


The emergence of lab-grown diamonds represents a notable transformation in the world of jewellery, a change that McGuire Diamonds has embraced wholeheartedly. Their increasing choice for wedding and engagement rings speaks volumes about their growing appeal. Offering the same composition and fire as their natural counterparts, lab-grown diamonds stand out as a choice that aligns with sustainable and ethical practices. Their rising popularity mirrors the shift in contemporary values, resonating perfectly with couples who prioritise environmental responsibility in their choices.

Oval split band engagement ring.

Most popular Diamond Shapes/Cuts in Cork 2024

Oval Cut Diamond

The oval diamond has recently gained significant prominence among the various popular gemstone shapes. Traditionally valued for their elegant and classic look, oval diamonds have seen a remarkable increase in popularity in the modern jewellery landscape. At McGuire Diamonds, we've noticed a growing fondness for these oval-cut gems, which perfectly marry timeless elegance with a modern twist. A key attribute of the oval diamond is its expansive surface area. When compared to round diamonds of the same weight, oval diamonds tend to have a larger appearance, making them an ideal choice for those desiring a bigger diamond. The elongated silhouette of the oval diamond also gracefully extends the appearance of the wearer's finger, adding a touch of sophistication and refinement. Furthermore, the choice of oval diamonds by numerous celebrities for their personal collections has only amplified their allure, solidifying their position as both a sought-after and stylish option in fine jewellery.

Oval diamond

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Unquestionably, the round-cut diamond holds a distinguished place as the most cherished and enduring cut in the annals of fine jewelry. Originating in the 17th century, this quintessential shape has become a symbol of diamond luxury and enchantment. At McGuire Diamonds, we honor the timeless sophistication and refined elegance embodied by the round-cut diamond. Its perennial beauty has solidified its status as a highly desired selection, extending beyond engagement rings to include earrings, bracelets, and other exquisite jewellery items. Opting for a round-cut diamond equates to embracing a design that has weathered the passage of time, a design that continues to be fashionable and revered. Whether it's to make an impression with a breathtaking engagement ring or to enhance sophistication with a new piece of jewellery, the round-cut diamond offers an enduring allure, transcending temporary fashions with its perpetual elegance and charm.

Round brilliant cut diamond.

Radiant Cut Diamond

The radiant-cut diamond, a more recent innovation in diamond cutting, has quickly become a favourite at McGuire Diamonds, highly sought after for its distinctive qualities. Celebrated for its remarkable brilliance and alluring design, the radiant cut is a fusion of diverse cutting styles. It skill-fully merges the step cuts typically found in emerald-cut diamonds on the top with the intricate facet cuts of a round diamond on the bottom, resulting in an eye-catching combination. This creative blend in the radiant cut not only elevates its visual appeal but also gives it a unique interaction with light. The outcome is a diamond that radiates exceptional luminosity, positioning it as an ideal selection for those in search of a diamond that is both striking and singular in its beauty. At McGuire Diamonds, radiant-cut diamonds are especially favoured in the crafting of diamond rings and necklaces, where they command attention as a mesmerising centrepiece.

Radiant cut diamond.

Pear Cut Diamond

The pear-cut diamond, known for its unique and graceful contour, occupies a revered position among the diverse and exquisite diamond shapes offered by McGuire Diamonds. Often likened to a 'teardrop' due to its pointed end and rounded curve, the pear cut masterfully combines the luminosity of a round diamond with the distinctiveness of a marquise. This fusion results in a cut that is both classically elegant and boldly distinctive, catering to those who desire a truly unique piece of jewellery. Celebrated for their elongating effect on the wearer's hand, pear-cut diamonds are an excellent choice for a range of jewellery, including engagement rings and pendants. Their asymmetrical form lends itself to a variety of styles, seamlessly fitting into both traditional and modern designs. Additionally, the singular shape of the pear cut enhances light reflection, creating a brilliant sparkle that accentuates the diamond's fine quality and meticulous crafting.

Pear cut diamond.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real ?

Laboratory grown diamonds

It is crucial to recognise that differentiating lab-grown diamonds from natural ones is an extremely challenging task. Compositionally they are the same, a testament to the advanced and precise methods used in creating lab-grown diamonds. However, the skilled gemologists at McGuire Diamonds are equipped with the expertise and specialised techniques necessary to distinguish these differences. Lab-grown diamonds typically exhibit distinct characteristics or 'signatures' that natural diamonds do not possess. Our gemologists often employ spectroscopy as a key technique for this purpose, examining the specific fluorescence patterns that are characteristic of lab-grown gems. Furthermore, lab-grown diamonds might display certain inclusions or growth structures that are uncommon in natural diamonds. These nuanced features are telltale signs of a diamond's lab-created origin. Such meticulous attention to detail at McGuire Diamonds ensures that every selection, be it a lab-grown or naturally mined diamond, is chosen with utmost transparency and informed understanding.

Lab Grown Diamond Cost vs Natural

Lab-grown diamonds are notably more affordable than their natural counterparts, offering significant cost savings. On average, a lab diamond is priced between 60% and 85% lower than a natural diamond of the same carat weight and quality. This price difference makes lab diamonds an appealing option for those seeking value without compromising on quality. Below is a comparison to illustrate the typical cost disparity between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond.

  • 1.50ct D Colour VS1 Natural Diamond €17000-€18000.
  • 1.50ct D Colour VS1 Lab Diamond €1200-1300.
  • Natural vs lab grown diamond

Average Engagement Ring Cost in Cork?

In 2024, the mindset around budgeting for that significant engagement ring proposal is becoming ever more individualised. At McGuire Diamonds, we understand that selecting an engagement ring is a decision deeply intertwined with personal preference, leading to a wide spectrum of budgetary choices. The traditional guidelines on spending have shifted, accommodating a variety of budgeting styles. While some individuals may opt for a budget around €1,500, others might invest up to €10,000 or more. Though budgets above €12,000 are rarer, we honour each decision for its personal importance. For those planning to spend between €1,500 and €2,500, acquiring a stunning diamond ring is a realistic aspiration, especially considering the option of lab-grown diamonds. Since early 2022, the price of natural diamonds has seen a notable increase, making the more cost-effective lab-grown diamonds a compelling alternative. These diamonds are expertly created in controlled environments using natural diamond seeds, through a process that replicates natural diamond formation under carbon atoms and intense heat pressure. Typically taking about six weeks to grow, lab diamonds are then prepared using the same methods as naturally mined diamonds. This ethical and sustainable option is quickly becoming a favoured choice among those seeking both quality and value.

Why Cork Clients Shop For Engagement Rings with McGuire Diamonds

The jewellery industry is experiencing a profound evolution, increasingly resonating with the values of modern consumers, particularly in Cork. Today, the demand for transparency, outstanding value, and ethically sourced products in jewellery is more pronounced than ever. McGuire Diamonds, which has been at the forefront of this movement since our establishment in 2000, has consistently upheld these ideals. Our goal has always been to transform the jewellery shopping experience, not only by offering exceptional pieces but also through a steadfast dedication to ethical practices and transparent business methods. In Cork, McGuire Diamonds is known for its wide selection of meticulously handcrafted engagement rings and exquisite jewellery, each piece created with ethical considerations at its core. We take pride in providing both naturally mined and lab-grown diamonds, ensuring that each stone meets our high standards of quality and integrity. Our approach blends the ease of contemporary shopping experiences with personalised expert advice, empowering every client in Cork to make choices with confidence and knowledge. McGuire Diamonds stands as more than just a jewellery brand; we are a benchmark of commitment and quality, consistently exceeding expectations and setting new standards in the industry.

Buy Engagement Ring Online Dublin Ireland 

Is it safe to buy an engagement ring online?

In today's digital age, many wonder: Is it safe to buy an engagement ring online? The answer, particularly when it comes to McGuire Diamonds, is a resounding yes. The key to a secure and satisfying online purchase lies in choosing a reputable brand and ensuring the diamond is certified. Doing your research is crucial. It's vital to verify the authenticity of the jeweller. At McGuire Diamonds, we're committed to providing our customers with both the provenance of each piece and globally recognised certification for peace of mind. We encourage our clients to stick with brands they trust. McGuire Diamonds has built a reputation for reliability and excellence since our inception in 2000. For those unfamiliar with our brand, we welcome you to explore customer reviews and seek recommendations from friends and family. Our dedication to transparency and quality has made us a trusted name in the world of online jewellery shopping, ensuring that every purchase is not just safe, but also a joyful and memorable experience.

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