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Should I Insure my Engagement Ring?

January 29, 2022 2 min read

When shopping for diamonds we all know all about the Four C’s; Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity but when you finally do make that purchase don't forget that other important C: 

Contents Insurance.

So often we hear the heartbreaking stories of lost or stolen pieces of jewellery from our customers. It is upsetting enough to loose a sentimental item of jewellery such as an engagement ring, don't leave yourself open to being financially out of pocket also. Our advice is always protect those things that are most precious to you. Your engagement ring should last a lifetime so having it properly insured against loss, theft or accidental damage will make sure you and your partner have peace of mind. In most cases your engagement ring will have to be valued over a certain amount for it to be noted as a specified item in your contents insurance, however most home insurance policies have the optional extra of adding All Risks Cover to your policy. If you plan on getting engaged in the future make sure to ask your insurer when taking out, or renewing your house insurance policy if they offer this type of cover. Read through your policy documents and fine print or speak to your insurer, we know from our customers that things vary hugely from company to company.

Have your ring valued

We offer this service free of charge to our customers. We provide you with a formal document that you can give to your insurer which will state the replacement value for the item. We also advise all of our customers to take plenty of pictures, not only of the ring itself but also of you wearing your ring. We know this sounds a little daft, but in our experience these pictures can act as proof of ownership and add strength to any claim. Keep copies of all documentation and store them in a safe place.

Your certificate is a valuable tool, it guarantees the quality and value of your diamond by stating details regarding the carat, cut, colour and clarity. It also contains a unique reference number which is laser inscribed onto the girdle of your diamond, vital information should your diamond ever be stolen. It costs upwards of €200 to replace a lost certificate. Have your ring checked for wear and tear regularly. Like all metals, gold and platinum wear over time and need to be maintained. Claws and settings may be damaged if bashed or knocked against a hard surface, this can happen even to the most careful wearer. An annual check up with your jeweller will ensure that any worn or damaged claws can be repaired to prevent the loss of your diamond. Probably the most common story we hear is of a ring being lost. Always ensure that your ring is the correct fit, if it slips easily over your knuckle then it is too big! Do not run the risk of loosing it, have it resized.