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Discovering Ireland's Diamond Choices: The Shift from Natural to Lab-Grown in Engagement Rings

November 11, 2023 2 min read

Discovering Ireland's Diamond Choices: The Shift from Natural to Lab-Grown in Engagement Rings

McGuire Diamonds: Leading the Trend in Diamond Selection Across Ireland

At McGuire Diamonds, situated in the heart of Ireland's stunning landscapes, we've been closely observing an intriguing shift in diamond preferences across the nation. Our exploration across Irish counties has unveiled a story of evolving tastes, environmental consciousness, and the beauty of choice in the quest for the perfect engagement ring.

Ireland's Diverse Diamond Preferences: A County-by-County Exploration

  • Dublin: In this vibrant capital, modern trends hold sway with a significant 70% leaning towards lab-grown diamonds for their eco-friendly appeal.
  • Galway: Known for its artistic flair, Galway is seeing a surge in the popularity of lab-grown diamonds, with 92% opting for this sustainable choice.
  •  Cork: The cultural heartbeat of Ireland, leaning towards lab-grown diamonds for their eco-friendly appeal., with [86]% favouring Laboratory Grown.
  • Limerick : Following on the heels of Galway with 90% choosing Laboratory grown diamonds
  • Wexford : Again opting for the Laboratory grown over Natural diamond with 90% basing this choice on Value for money.
  • Kildare : Laboratory Grown is a clear winner with our Kildare Clients with 96% opting for Laboratory Grown Diamonds.
  • Wicklow : The garden of Ireland county Wicklow maintains a deep-rooted affinity for natural diamonds, with 60% opting for Natural Diamond, favouring their timeless charm.
  • Waterford : The Crystal County clearly favouring Laboratory Grown with a result of 97% choosing laboratory grown diamond over Natural.

Understanding the Lab-Grown Diamond Phenomenon

The rise in lab-grown diamonds, especially in urban centers like Dublin and Galway, mirrors a broader global trend towards sustainable and ethically sourced products. These diamonds, while matching their natural counterparts in beauty and structure, offer a responsible choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.

The Timeless Allure of Natural Diamonds

In contrast, counties with a stronger preference for natural diamonds often cherish the rich history and unique journey of these gems. The allure of a diamond formed over ages continues to hold a special place in the hearts of many.

McGuire Diamonds: Balancing Tradition and Innovation

Our county-by-county exploration highlights Ireland's beautiful balance between tradition and innovation in jewellery. At McGuire Diamonds, whether you're enchanted by the ethical allure of a lab-grown diamond or captivated by the classic elegance of a natural stone, we have the perfect match for your individual taste.

Your Unique Story, Your Perfect Diamond

We at McGuire Diamonds believe that every love story is unique and deserves a ring to match. Our experts are dedicated to helping you find that perfect engagement ring, whether it features a lab-grown diamond or a natural gemstone.