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How to use our Ring Builder Website

December 29, 2023 4 min read

How to create your engagement ring

A step by Step guide to Using Our Ring Builder

Embarking on the journey of finding the perfect engagement ring is a moment filled with excitement and a touch of what-if's. It's where love meets craftsmanship, and dreams are encased in the sparkle of a diamond. Our website, with its vast selection of lab-grown and natural diamond engagement ring styles, is your trusted partner in this quest. We've streamlined the process into simple steps, ensuring an enjoyable experience from browsing to choosing your dream ring setting. Let's dive into the first pivotal step: selecting your ring setting.

Choosing Your Engagement Ring Setting

Step One

Discover Your Style From Our Curated Collections

Before you get swept away in the sea of glittering options, it’s important to ground yourself in what you love. Do you envision a classic solitaire setting or a ring that makes a statement with a halo design? Our collections cater to every taste, from the timeless to the avant-garde. Take a moment to explore; each collection tells a story, and one of them is yours.

Selecting Made Simple

Once you've landed on a collection that speaks to you, it's time to zero in on that one setting that you can't take your eyes off. Each ring style comes with vivid images and detailed descriptions, ensuring you know exactly what each design offers. Found the one that catches your heart? Simply click the "Select This Setting" button to mark the beginning of your creation.

The Popup that Paves the Way

After you've made your selection, a popup will seamlessly guide you to the next phase. It's not just any popup; it's the bridge to your perfect ring. With the prompt to "Add a Diamond," you're one click away from choosing the centrepiece of your ring. Our website is designed to make your journey from choosing a setting to finding the right diamond effortless.

Your Vision Taking Shape

At this point, you're not just browsing; you're building. You're crafting a ring that's as unique as your love story. Each choice you make on our website brings you closer to the engagement ring that you'll cherish forever.

Ready to Proceed?

If you're ready to take the next step and add the sparkle to your setting, simply acknowledge the popup. Your adventure in customisation is just beginning, and our website is here to ensure it's as enchanting as the ring you're about to create.

Step Two

Personalise your Diamond

Intuitive Tools for a Tailored Experience

Our customisation journey continues with the selection of your diamond, a process simplified by our intuitive slider tools. These sliders empower you to explore and refine each characteristic of your diamond to match your desires exactly. Here's how you can define your perfect diamond:


The shape of your diamond is pre-selected to complement the ring style you chose, ensuring a harmonious design. Our collection ranges from the timeless round brilliant to the more avant-garde shapes, each crafted to enhance the ring's overall beauty.


With the slider for carat weight, visualise the impact of size on your diamond and find the one that balances grandeur with grace.


Select the colour grade that speaks to you, from the highest quality of colourless diamonds (D) down to an L rating, each graded to meet stringent standards.


From the rare flawless diamonds (FL) to slightly included options (SI2), our slider allows you to decide what level of natural characteristics your diamond will have.


Choose from the precision of an "Ideal" cut to the value of a "Good" quality cut, ensuring your diamond reflects your priorities in its sparkle and shape.


Our budget slider is your financial compass; set it to your preferred range and explore the options that align with your investment.

For those with distinct preferences or seeking even more precision, our advanced search criteria dropdown allows you to refine your search further.

Assistance at Every Step

Unfamiliar with some of the terms? Our information icons (i) next to each criterion are little beacons of knowledge, offering clear explanations to help you make an informed choice.

As you interact with the sliders, the list of diamonds updates in real-time, sourced directly from our global trade partners, presenting the best value and a diverse selection.

Sealing Your Diamond Choice

When you feel confident in your diamond selection, click to add it to your ring setting. It’s as simple as that; your perfect diamond is now a part of your perfect ring.

Step Three

Review & Finalise Your Creation

The Home Stretch

You're almost there! The summary page lays out the blueprint of your creation, detailing your chosen ring style paired with your personalised diamond.

Modifications Made Easy

Want to revise any aspect of your ring? Click 'Modify' to tweak your choices. It's all about making sure your ring is exactly as you envisioned.

Ensuring the Perfect Fit

Don't overlook the importance of a comfortable fit. Select your finger size from our comprehensive size guide to ensure your ring not only looks perfect but feels perfect too.

Secure Your Masterpiece

If you're ready to turn this digital dream into a tangible reality, add your creation to the cart and prepare to make it yours.

Expert Guidance a Click Away

Questions? Uncertainties? Click on "Enquire" to receive personalised assistance from our McGuire Diamonds experts. We are here to ensure your engagement ring is nothing short of perfection.

With McGuire Diamonds, every step you take in crafting your engagement ring is one filled with precision, care, and a spectrum of choices. From selecting the ideal diamond to finalising every detail, our website is designed to translate your vision into a masterpiece. Celebrate your love with a ring that's crafted just for you, and let the joy of creation be a part of your story.